J. Jay Kennett, Pastor

As Pastor of Hillsborough UCC, I am excited to be part of a caring, compassionate community of Christ seeking to create a place of justice and inclusion in Hillsborough and the surrounding area.  I am continually excited by the diverse and gifted people, who come through our doors seeking to find a community of God where they can belong, explore their passions and faith as we become the people we are called to be together.

I believe that we are called not to get all the answers right but to continue to explore our faith as we live the calling for God’s justice.  We seek in this place to live out the true meaning of God’s welcome and inclusion.  As one member shared, I felt like when I came to HUCC I had been welcomed home.  We seek that all may feel that way--at home in a place that says come in bringing your unique gifts and passions to be a part of who we are becoming.  Come home to a place that feels comfortable and familiar but challenges you to live into the person God is creating you to be as we are challenged by you to create a new place with your passion and calling.

My journey to this place has taken me through the experience of banking to study at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to thirteen years as a Chaplain with Hospice to local church pastor. I bring from these places the lessons they have taught me as well as a desire to bring inclusion, creativity and laughter to God’s community.  I am passionate about the inclusion of all, spiritual nurture and care, children’s spirituality and worship that is creative and engaging.  In Addition to serving as Pastor I am spouse to the Reverend Elizabeth Kennett and father to two daughters, Abi, a teacher at Eastlawn Elementary School and Emma, a student at Wake Forest University.

I hope if you are exploring where you may belong that you will come and give HUCC a try. If I can answer any questions please email me at jaykennett@hucc.org.


Kaye Crawford, Pastor Emerita

Kaye_1.1.jpgAs first Pastor of Hillsborough United Church Kaye helped midwife this community into being.  She touched many lives through; her thoughtful and prophetic sermons, her leadership and call of people to ministry, and her shepherding of this community through the joys and challenges of its early life.  She guided the church through the process of becoming part of the United Church of Christ and through the process of becoming an open and affirming, as well as through the continual process of becoming church together.  During her ministry the church went from new church start to community ready to move forward with clarity of vision and a passion to serve.  In September 2014, this community honored that leadership by declaring The Reverend Kaye Crawford our Pastor Emerita.  Recognizing that even though retired we celebrate her continued wisdom and insight and value the gifts she has to offer.  Especially her insight in the area of Environmental Stewardship one of the passions of her retirement years.  We recognize as well that Kaye shares her journey with her partner in life and ministry Joe, our unofficial "pastor spouse emeritus" who shared his gifts as one of the forefathers of this church. When not engaged in caring for the environment they share their time with their family, daughter Kristin and spouse Andy and their son Chip.


Gabriel David Reynolds, Music Director23334402_10155004166236099_1562748412176251624_o.jpg

HUCC is Gabriel’s first church gig and he brings to our worship music his unique passion and style as he leads our Sunday music and our occasional choir. An accomplished musician when not at HUCC Gabriel keeps his focus on good vibes, mixing pop songwriting with the soul of classic R&B and the energy of rock. He lives in Chapel Hill, NC, where you can find him either failing to do nothing or trying to do everything.



LDurante.jpgL'Tanya Durante, Office Administrator

L'Tanya moved to the Raleigh/Durham area in the early '90s from Arlington, VA. She is the mother of two sons and one very "talkative" guinea pig, Coco. L'Tanya's goal as Office Manager is to support the work of HUCC by managing the day-to-day tasks and assisting church members and friends—and with a big smile. In her spare time, L'Tanya enjoys knitting, mixed media, aromatherapy, and writing.  Feel free to stop in and say hello. Her office hours are Tuesday-Friday from 9:00am-1:00pm. 





Abigal Kennett, Nursery Childcare Provider

Abi cares for our children up to age 3 in the HUCC Nursery each Sunday. Abi is a recent education graduate of Catawba College.  She currently is student teaching in fourth grade. She is trained in first aid and CPR.  Abi brings her passion and care of children to her work in our nursery in a way that enables both children and their parents to feel welcomed at HUCC. She is passionate about justice and the inclusion of all people.