Thinking about visiting Hillsborough United Church?

Great! We're so glad that you are considering visiting Hillsborough United Church or as we like to refer to ourselves HUCC. We want you to truly enjoy your time with us and feel welcomed in the spirit of Our denominational slogan, “No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome in this United Church of Christ congregation, where God is still speaking." We hope after your visit with us, you will leave feeling you have found the place where you have been welcomed home.

How do I get to Hillsborough United Church?

From Hillsborough: Go south on Churton St. It will become Old Highway 86 South. Go under both I-85 and I40. Davis Road is slightly less than one mile South of I-40. Turn right on Davis. The Church is the first building on the left; # 200

From I-85: Take Hillsborough exit #164. Turn South, away from Hillsborough, onto Old 86 (Churton Street). Davis Road is slightly less than 3 miles South of I-85. Turn right on Davis. The Church is the first building on the left; #200.

From I-40: Take Hillsborough Exit I-40 exit #261. Turn South, away from Hillsborough, onto Old 86 (Churton Street). Davis Road is slightly less than one mile South of I-40. Turn right on Davis. The Church is the first building on the left; #200. 

Our Location - 200 Davis Rd. Hillsborough NC 27278

What do I wear?

Members and visitors to our church on Sunday mornings wear everything from casual to business casual and rarely but on occasion a suit and tie or dress. Come just as you are. Are blue jeans okay? Of course.

Where should I park?

We have parking spaces reserved for visitors directly in front of the church. Handicap parking is directly in front of the first driveway, adjacent to the ramp. 

Where do I go when I get there?

Please enter the church through the double doors at the front of the main building with the pebble stone walkway. Inside the door, there is a greeter readily available to help you. The greeters can answer any questions you may have or will find someone who can. If you enter from the ramp, the worship area is directly ahead down a short hallway.

What about the Worship Services?

Worship begins at 11 am on Sundays. The worship experience at HUCC seeks to be a varied multisensory experience. Some services are more relaxed where those who gather are invited to engage in the story and some will be in a more traditional style.  Music is varied and represents many styles from traditional hymns, folk tunes, show tunes, or pop music. On Third Sundays, our guitar and drum group leads music and we show the Words on the Wall rather than use the hymnal. Our service also seeks to include visual expressions and community participation as well as liturgy and prayer. 

Will I have to talk or introduce myself during Worship?

We are a community that leans toward introversion so we would never ask a visitor to stand up and announce who they are. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable. Several church members will introduce themselves, but we will try not to pepper you with questions even on a one-to-one basis, but rather allow you time to get to know us. Occasionally, the pastor will engage the congregation during the sermon time with a question, and folks will gather in small groups to discuss this question. Even then you are welcomed to listen and participate only as much as you feel comfortable. 

What about my children?

At HUCC, we try to live up to our kid-friendly expression. Children are welcomed at all times in worship. They serve as our Acolytes (candle lighters) starting out our experience of worship. They also share together with the Pastor or other leader during the children’s time, where their voices are heard and their expressions of faith are encouraged.

We believe that the parent is the best judge of what is best for their children. We understand that young children are not wired to sit still so we do not have this unreasonable expectation for them.  Some parents will keep infants with them. Some will feel their children will be more comfortable in the nursery during the entire service. Others will keep toddlers to age three through the children’s time and then take them to the nursery. We try to help you to do what will make you and your child feel welcomed and safe.

For children under the age of three, our nursery is light and airy and staffed by a paid staff person who has experience in child care.  The nursery is staffed from 10:30 until all the children are picked up after worship.

Children over the age of three and up to 5th grade are invited to be a part of our Christian education program that meets at the same time as Worship. Children stay through the Children’s time (about 15 minutes into the service) and then go to Sunday school. Our Sunday School curriculum is interactive and engaging. During this time, children may create works of art, cook or go on a nature walk as they learn the bible stories. Our Sunday School teachers have a passion for children and work to assure all children are included and have fun as they learn. 

Who is your Pastor?

Reverend Jay Kennett is our Pastor and brings the message most Sunday mornings. Sermons are reflections on biblical texts from a progressive, inclusive, creative and caring perspective. We respect the Bible and believe that it reveals a message of God’s truth and love, but we understand it is a product of humans who had a very different understanding of the world and different world view. We believe, however, that we can see ourselves in their faith story and there is power in their story to transform and enlighten our paths today. We believe God is still speaking, making this word and story relevant to our world today as well as showing us new pathways in the journey we take in our lives. Our Pastor is always willing to talk with you about your spiritual experience and ways that we at HUCC can nuture your unique spiirtual journey.

United Church of Christ?  Are you the church where women must wear dresses and there is no music?

We get all kinds of questions about the United Church of Christ, and we have to admit it is a little confusing with the wide variety of churches with Church of Christ in their name. The United Church is the union of four major denominations that took place in the 1950’s. Our heritage goes back the Pilgrims and Congregationalists. Over 50 years ago, the Congregational Christian Church and the Evangelical Reformed Church came together as one church; the connecting point was God’s call to justice. It was formed to speak the truth to power and promote civil rights of all. We are therefore proud to say that we are part of the tradition that ordained the first female to ministry in 1853, ordained the first openly gay man to ministry in 1972, and we were the first multiracial denomination to have an African American as our head and Presiding Minister in 1976. Additionally, we were the first denomination to proclaim Marriage Equality as a value of our faith.  To find out more about our denomination please see