Thanksgiving- it is that time in our year when hopefully we stop and reflect on those things for which we are thankful. The list always for me begins with family, friends, health, a roof over my head, food on the table and my church family.  This week I have also been thinking about some of the smaller but perhaps no less important things that have filled my life and brought abundance, hope, joy, comfort and peace, things that I may miss if I do not stop to take notice.  Moments like:   one of our children wanting to share about losing her tooth with her pastor, one child who runs up and gives me a hug when he sees me, the church members who bought me lunch or breakfast or a cup of coffee,  new folks inviting me to dinner,  a member who never fails to ask “what is it I can do for you?”, my wife coming all the way home from Winston Salem to sit with her father in law while I took my mom to the doctor,  the friend who  called to say I need to see you right away and I arranged to meet them the next morning all the time thinking how will I help him with this new crisis and what he wanted to share was that he had turned a corner to a new and hopeful place and he wanted me to be the first person to know about it, my daughter finding a her place in college,  my  daughter missing the deer that jumped in the road  in front of the car with the calmness and expertise of a much  more experienced driver,  that young teen at the thanksgiving feast ,who I have only talked to a couple of times, who waved me over to an empty seat at her table, one of our church members barely a week out of surgery pushing his walker in the door because he didn’t want to miss thanksgiving with his church family, the member who proudly proclaimed that we don’t put our pastor on a pedestal or a chopping block and indeed I am thankful for both.  And the list could go on and on.   I have so much for which to give thanks that even in the most challenging of times I realize there are many blessing in my life.   In addition as a member of a church my list always includes the fact that I do not go forward alone but together with those folks whom I can lean on and support during all times of our lives.  So Happy Thanksgiving and as you eat your turkey or fried bologna this Thursday remember that not only are there many things you can be thankful for but also that you are the one someone else is thankful for because you are in their life.   

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