Memorial Day has past and most schools have ended so it must be summer.  As always I am hoping for a slower pace, but with the Southern Conference Meeting and UCC General Synod in California in June followed by directing a week at John’s River Camp in early July it is looking pretty packed already.  I hope to squeeze in the midst of all the activity a few moments of quiet. In some ways it is the same in our church life, with exciting activities, Helen and Larry’s anniversary (June 23), discussions of the HUCC vision work (July), every Sunday’s Lemonade on the Lawn, the Peace Service (August 4) and this week’s Blessing of the Animals.

            I am looking forward to all these events that begin with this Sunday as we worship outside in the hopefully not too hot summer day and joining with our animal friends as we honor our connection to them and all nature.  We get to celebrate the beauty of the property we are blessed with as well as our connection and passion for our animals and the care of our environment.  I know each of you will be having you own busy summers but I hope you will mark your calendars to be at these special events if you are able. I am looking forward to a relaxing, joyful, not too warm summer together at HUCC as we continue to move forward to serve, worship and care together.

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