Something's happening

This week I have been thinking about the words to a familiar folk song go “Something’s happening here.” And indeed that is the word for HUCC, big things are happening and things will look different Sunday.  And we await more big things to come, this week we will begin to finalize some plans by making some choices together and soon we will begin to notice the changes as new life is breathed into our building, new signs crop up on the roadway, new mission endeavors starting with our youth our planning the biggest Souper Bowl collection ever, and really exciting we will welcome new faces into membership on January 26.  It get excited about the new lives and new gifts that God sends to us through the awesome folks who come to be a part of this community. Even as we change however we build upon that vision and tradition as we move forward to embrace the ancient story with freshness for our time. So this week we begin by remembering and going back to the Jordan River with Jesus to remember his baptism long ago and the beginnings of a story of good news that changed the world. We remember as well our own baptisms and connection to a community of faith and recommit ourselves to the water placing our lives and vision in God’s hands as we seek to live into God’s vision for us. Something’s happening here, come be a part of that something and invite others to join us as we go forward into that vision together.  I am excited to be a part that “something” as we love and serve God together in the way the only HUCC can with a progressive, inclusive, creative, caring and kid friendly vision of what God’s community of hope and love can be.

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