Progressive Christianity

What do we mean when we say we are Progressive?  Author and New Testament Scholar Hal Taussig describes progressive Christians as; focused on spiritual vitality, embracing worship that is participatory, arts-infused, and lively ,  committed to Intellectual integrity with a willingness to question, affirming diversity, respecting other faiths,  having a passion to care for the environment, and finally passionate about social justice.  Does that sound like the HUCC you know?  In many ways I find it a very apt description of our church.    I would add however, that we are also committed to be a community that is continually seeking to welcome all, “no matter who they are or where they are on life’s journey”. This means that while we hold to the values of a faith that does not check its mind at the door to the Church buildings we respect each person’s spiritual journey.  So while we will express our desire explore our faith in a progressive manner, everyone will be embraced where they are in their journey.  And we believe together through the progressive and traditional values we join Christ to care and do the work of God in our world and united in our care for the world as we bring the message of justice and inclusion for all God’s children.   This is the progressive vision that we seek to embrace as we continue to look for the voice of God still speaking in our midst.  Let us all join the vision together.

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