Moral Monday

This past Monday we had 9 HUCCer’s at the Moral Monday rally and march, it was the largest crowd of the thirteen with numbers in the thousands.  Walking from Halifax mall to Fayetteville Street, I looked to see my fellow concern citizens stretched as far as I could see.  Among the gathered were many of our states school teachers, those to whom we entrust the care of our children, there because they felt no one cared. Among the gathered was one of my daughter’s teachers from her six grade year, seeing a familiar face I stopped him to say “hello’.  At the end of our conversation he said, “Thanks for stopping me and thanks for being here.” I heard in his words that it was important for him to know that someone from his hometown cared enough to show up.  In reply, I thanked him for being there as well, because I needed to know the same thing.  That’s why we were there to be with other people who care and to say to the powerful that there are people who care, for themselves and their neighbors. To say that although we all want our citizens to have jobs and we want our state to be a good steward and conserve our resources we also want to be a state where neighbor cares for neighbor no matter how much they have or do not have in their bank account. 

            So I was glad to join my fellow HUCCer’s there, and I thought of how those nine folks represent more than ten times that many of the folks at HUCC who because of work and other commitments could not be there. And if that was true for other folks there, then those thousands of marching people in reality represented a whole lot more people who cared. And if a whole lot of folks care then perhaps change can come and we can change our state, our country and our world.            

            As people of faith this has always been our story, because we follow one hwo cared and invited 12 others to care who invited more and more to care. So this is is calling to continue to show God cares. So I invite join to the march right where you are, you don’t even have to put feet to the pavement you just need to look around you and let those who you encounter each and every day know someone cares.

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