Lenten disciplines: Touch and OGHS

Not long ago I asked our children how we can touch people around the world.  It is a challenging question that is perhaps impossible but possible at the same time.  As a church we can do this impossible task because of our partnerships our missionaries and our faith partners around the world. This Sunday we have opportunity live out our Lenten discipline of touch through our offering to One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS), a multi denominational offering that reaches out in times of disaster and enables refugees to relocate from places where their lives have been threatened to safety here in our communities.  Just this past year OGHS helped around the world, in the continuing needs in Haiti three years after the disastrous earthquake there, in Japanese communities still recovering from the tsunami,  in the new and continuing battle against flooding after major storms in the Philippines, with folks dealing with landslides in central America, with people struggling with famine and political uncertainty in Africa, and right  around the corner in places like Stanford, NC with people dealing with spring tornados.    Through our contributions to One Great Hour of Sharing and through the work of our global partners we reach out and touch the world.  This is perhaps one  of the great gifts of the modern world is that not only does technology make the world known to us, it also enables us to unite with people offering care around the world.  We will always be called to reach out to those that are next door but through our offerings we can also reach farther than it is possible with just our hands to touch the world.  I invite you to come demonstrate the power of touch as we give to One Great Hour of Sharing.

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