Lenten discipline: to do

Last week I shared the first part of the UCC motto, “to believe is to care” the phrase concludes with phrase “to care is to do”.   As I reflected on this I thought about how often for us we express the challenge as “believing”.  I wonder if just as great a challenge is the caring.  Not that we are not caring folks as church goers and persons of faith, but to express that care through our faith is more of a challenge because it asks us to reflect on the deeper questions that Jesus taught and maybe the inconstancies of our care.  Questions like if we are passionate about serving food to those who are hungry are we also willing to address the bigger issues of the systems of injustice that cause them to stand in that food line.  Or we send money for the latest disaster or famine but do we address the systems that cause these disasters to be more devastating to those who have the least.  I thank God and I am immensely grateful that I am a part of a church community that is called to care and proves their caring over and over by doing, but I continually ask are there more ways Christ is calling us to care and to do.  I recall the man who responded to Jesus about his faith, “I believe help my unbelief” and I feel at times I should respond as well “I care and do, but  God help me when I am careless and am uncertain of what to do.”  “To believe is to care … to care is to do.”

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