Lenten discipline: Care

Part of the UCC motto is “to believe is to care”.   In our Lenten journey “care” becomes the fourth word we reflect upon.  What does it mean to care as God cares?  I think as our Lenten words suggest it may take a few steps to get to that type of care; we begin by asking for sight, for only if we can truly see can we understand how to care. Our second step is to listen, listen to the call of God and listen to the voice of our neighbor whoever they might be as we seek to understand.  Next we must be willing to touch, to move beyond standing on the sidelines to reach out to others as God has reached out to us. Then we began to truly understand who our neighbor is and not just their category; blind, beggar, poor, gay , conservative or liberal.   And it is in this moment that we can truly offer our care to our brother and sister as another seeking and searching child of God who like us needs care and reconciliation to connect them one to another and to the Holy One.  We begin with believing “We believe, may God help our unbelief” and through believing understand how we are called to care as we have received God’s care.

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