Kid Friendly

A couple of weeks ago we shared our dreams of possible ministry opportunities, and  when I tabulated the results out of the 29 dreams recorded 9 dreams directly dealt with the needs of children.  I believe this clearly speaks of our passion to care for children, all children and not just our own, as a Kid Friendly church.   And one of the big ‘kid friendly’ events will happen this weekend as children ,ours and others, once again gather around our Bonfire pit for our annual Halloween carnival, bonfire and trunk or treat.  I always love this event that the Sisters and youth help bring together.  Children dressed in their Halloween best running around, laughing, eating hot dogs, dropping marshmallows in the fire and finally getting bags full of candy and treats from not too scarily decorated cars.  This night of children’s’ joy and  laughter reminds me of the beauty of life and how blessed we are as parents and a church to have these children,  even though at times they drive us crazy, they are beautiful, healthy, smart and good children, who care about each other and those in need.  We are blessed.  And this feeling of blessedness also calls me to remember children who laugh too seldom, ones who live in fear, children who are unsure of what will be on the dinner table, and those who face abuse and neglect.   And the laughter of our children calls me to dream of a different world for the lost children. A dream, that every child will have someone to kiss their skinned knees and listen to that crushed heart when disappointment happens.  A dream, that every child will have someone who will guide them to avoid making mistakes and love them the same when they do.  And a dream, that every child will have places that are safe to run and laugh and be treated not tricked by life.  This for me is the essence of Children’s Sabbath weekend to dream and pray for this world to come.  And this dream is the essence of our calling and commitment to be “all kid”-friendly church. Let us continue to dream God’s dream and make this dream a reality.  Jesus said to them, “Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.”

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