Her & His-story

I have always loved history, as a young boy I read every one of the Childhood of Famous Americans books my library had, they were wonderful romanticized tales of the lives of important people.  It was only however when I entered college that I truly discovered history books had a perspective from a wise professor who taught me to look for multiple interpretations of an event to find the truth.  I discovered that those books from my childhood, although wonderful, mislead me about some important details in the lives of my American forbearers.   The result of this discovery was that I begin to see those who had gone before as more human and more like me and less like those perfect children that the American Childhood books portrayed.  And I also discovered that history was not just the facts but all those emotions and perspectives we bring to a story.

I have been reflecting on this discovery as I reflected on the history of HUCC in preparation to celebrate our 23rd birthday this week.  Our history is not one history but the perspective of the many people who are here and have sojourned here throughout the past twenty three years. And each place in our history had its challenges and gifts.  This means the good old days are now.  And this also means , that even a person who shows up Sunday for the first time has a piece of our history as rich as the ones  who have been here since the beginning, because it is the many perspectives woven together as part of a dynamic community of faith that we come to celebrate.  So as we celebrate who we are this Sunday we look back to those who paved the way and we look forward to the empty pages yet to fill.   So let’s put on our birthday hats, blow our party horns and listen to many voices of our history as we celebrate this community of God’s Welcome.

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