Goals and Obstacles

In 2011 I completed a class in professional coaching.  Now this does not mean that I ready to coach a Super Bowl winning team, or even a church league but rather the it helped me to develop skills to enable persons and organizations to dream and vision where they may want to be, to clarify that dream, to look at the challenges and obstacles to getting there and to break the goal down into the next logical step.  Often we get discouraged by the fact that where we want and hope to be seems to be too big and we look at the obstacles as insurmountable.   This keeps us from moving forward, because we do not have the money or time or tools to get where we want to go.  When we begin however to see the goal as the next step we begin to picture ourselves on the way rather than stuck in one place.  For me one of these places was fitness.  Vigorous training schedules to lose 40 pounds and develop six pack abs where doomed to defeat.  But when I changed my goal to do one physical activity, and make one different choice and take one step I begin to see results.   An old friend said after the first time I ran in a 5k, “you ran a race, you did not even use to walk fast”, and I realized I had the way I saw myself from nonathletic to a image and reality of myself as a runner, it didn’t matter how fast or even how much I was puffing at the end, I had completed the race, I was now a runner.  This is often the challenge for the church, seeing ourselves in a different light breaking free from the limitations and seeking God’s challenge for the next step to live into a new identity.  Jesus continually says to the people around him that the kingdom of God is right here, among you, but folks kept wanting to make it farther down the road because they saw only the obstacles; the Roman empire, the lack of resources, the lack of devotion, but Jesus saw the spirit of God moving among them and invited all to take the next step, to follow because he knew that next step was what they needed to begin to believe that the community of God had come in them.  So Christ asks us “what is our vision of the community of God we hope to create?” and calls us to see the possibilities and gifts within us as we take the next step to making that community come right here and right now.

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