Wednesday at our monthly Council Meeting I asked the council to reflect on their hope for the church.  There were lots of great hopes and dreams for the church but then I asked a challenging question what can you to do to make this a reality.  I think this is perhaps always the challenge we can dream big dreams but at times it can seem like the steps are too big to get there. The reality is the only way to get there is by taking the next step. This week we will celebrate a great prophet and dreamer Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but he did not just dream dreams but he moved toward the dream with conviction and hard work. Dr. King said that “faith is taking the first step even when you cannot see the whole staircase”. Stepping into the unknown is always scary but as people of faith we are called to be on that journey of taking steps going toward the Promised Land even if it is through the wilderness.  There are many steps that lay before us in this year, people that need to feel included in God’s love, people who need to know that God hears their cry and people who need to know that God’s justice is for them. Last week I told everyone here that they would change the world. I hope you will remember and believe that truth as we step into this coming year because I believe you will and we can, we only need to take that first step. Let us take the step as we follow Jesus together into our hopes and God’s hope for the future.

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