Creativity and Gutter Guards

Gutter guards, they sound like a straight forward simple thing, mesh plates you put in the gutter to keep the leaves and other things out.  Except HUCC’s gutters are six inches wide and the gutter guards come in 6 3/8” widths so the guards we had fell into the gutters and we had trees growing in them.  So we what do you do?  For me this is a problem but to Derrick, who has been doing some projects around the church, it is a challenge for which he discovered a creative solution.  And his creative solution got me to thinking about one of our core values, to be a creative church and it reminded me that creativity comes in many ways.    Not just artistic or written expressions but ways that to some may seem very technical and mundane.    Yet for the church to thrive we need all those acts of creativity to make it work. The technician, painter, the poet, the author, and the accountant are all parts that come together and create the community that God is building in this place. 

                The wonderful writer Madeline L’ Engle once said that all creativity comes from God and I believe it is true.  Like a hymn that states Creator God Creating Still, at HUCC when we speak of valuing creativity we affirm that God as Creator is not confined to the past, but God still creates.  And we also affirm that that creativity lives within us as we create solutions to problems both mundane and complex, or create beautiful art or create powerful words.  And all become a part of the fabric of God’s community of justice and love we are seeking to create together.   As we live into the creativity of God within us we move beyond those limits and obstacles that we so often want to let overwhelm us, and move fully towards being the person or community God is creating us to be.  At HUCC you are invited to let your creative juices flow as we live into the possibilities God has for us to creative God’s community in this place.

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