The anniversary committee has been working on some exciting ways to celebrate our 25 years so look forward to a great weekend.  One thought was a time capsule that included some of our stories, this led to a discussion of how to record the stories.  If they had done this 25 years ago they may have recorded that on a cassette tape, it may take a little work but it would at least be possible to find a player to listen to their stories but what would we record them on now that someone in 25 years could here. It is clear that jump drives, and DVD’s will not exist in 25 years at least in the present form so we were stuck with the ancient pen and paper or perhaps a link to the Cloud site.  This got me to thinking how rapidly our world is changing and wondering about how this impacts the church.  I imagine like that technology the Church of 25 years in the future will not look like the one we are part of today. This leads me to the question then how do we hold and record the scared stories and carry them into the future.  One way I believe this will happen is through our children. In response to the question “What is the greatest commandment?” Jesus recites the ancient statement of faith that every Hebrew child learned almost as soon as he or she learned Mama or Dada.  They were written in his heart “The Lord your God is one and you shall love…”  At the same time what he does with those words is to radically reimagine them as that fresh and new movement of God happening in their midst.  And this is my hope for our story as well, that whatever part of the HUCC that will exist in 25 years it will be carried not in the Cloud but in the hearts of those who are here and especially our children.  And what is this story if you listen to them you will hear it;  Church is about experiencing and Sharing God’s love, Church is about being heard and seen no matter your size or who you are in the world’s eyes, Church is about helping each other and the world, and Church is about worship, yes sometimes that thing those adults do that is boring and too many words, but is also the experiences where we hear about God and feel free to share our joys and concerns, and Church is where you have joy whether running and playing together or working on a project. So the time capsule will be a fun exercise but the real time capsule we are continually creating each time we come together in the life’s of those who gather no matter what their size or age.

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