Caring and Dreaming

Caring, this week as we celebrate Communion with all peoples around the world we are reminded of our calling to care.  A former UCC saying stated “To believe is to care, to care is to do.”  Indeed at HUCC, we try to live this out in many ways whether it is caring for each other in times of crisis or caring for our community through individual assistance, Food for All, Orange Congregations in Mission, Habitat for Humanity or its caring for our world through creating Health care and Disaster Kits and our offering to ministries around the world.  This week we have the opportunity to show our care through our support of one of our five denominational offerings Neighbors in Need.  This offering helps support ministry to Native peoples through UCC’s Council for American Indian Ministry and it helps fund grants that support programs that promote justice and minister to persons in need across the United States.  Neighbors in Need”s funds help to feed hungry persons,  bring fresh affordable food to intercity communities, work for justice for immigrant communities, enable conversations about bridging ethnic and racial divides,  mentor and help youth and children succeed in school and life, fight for economic justice and touch people in a variety of ways across the country.  The “Neighbors in Need” offering helps faith communities just like ours who see a need in their community to reach out with the help of the wider church to meet that need.  My hope is that this offering will not only allow us to support ministry but to dream, to dream about the ministry of caring the we would like to see happen in our community and to seek a NIN grant to help us to meet that need.  So I am inviting you to dream with me, to listen to God’s call, and to step out to invite your church both here in Hillsborough and the wider UCC to be part of that dream as we continue to live out the call to care.

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