Beyond Elections

This week there has been one of those viral videos, this one is of a toddler who begins crying when she hears the names Romney and Obama, and like many of us she is overly tired of the negativity and endlessness of the political campaign. Her mother assures her that it will be over soon but I wonder if it will, yes the politicians will stop, at least momentarily, campaigning but I wonder if the voters can put it away that quickly.  I wonder will the person who stole my, and several of my neighbors, campaign signs say next week, ‘I won or I lost let’s move on’, or will they feel more correct in their choice if they win and more angry if they lose, as the divide becomes even greater.  Yes there has been perhaps one glimmer of hope in the wake of Hurricane Sandy when the Governor of New Jersey and the President came together to work to do what is best for the people but even that has been widely condemned as either betraying the party or playing politics.  So I wonder how we go forward when the election is over but the fighting is not done.  I don’t know what the country should do, but I think perhaps the church should focus even more intently on being the church, loving others, caring as Jesus cared, working for justice for all people and perhaps finding places to connect across political and theological differences.  This Wednesday, a young man Alex, joined us to help serve meals for Food for All.  Riding over to Fairview he said to me, “you know what I think is great, that even though we belong to different churches we can come together to do God’s work”, in this case feeding the hungry.  Thanks Alex for a great sermon and perhaps a way forward in a divided country, let us find the work where we can join together and heal the hurts of our world and perhaps look across the place where we are serving food or rebuilding a home and say there is my sister, there is my brother serving with me.   If you have not voted, please prayerfully cast your vote, and in the days and weeks ahead pray for the healing of our country.

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