Be thou our vision

"Be Thou my vision” is a song we sing in worship, it is one of those older hymns I have been singing all my life but I only lately have really begun to appreciate the commitment the song is calling us to make. Living into God’s vision, being the vision of God in the world as we follow Jesus is not a small or easy task on the other hand possibility and hope that comes from living into that vision is not small either because as we step out new possibilities emerge from the vision of God before us. Over the past few months the council has been working on a Vision for our next steps at HUCC.  In looking at the almost final draft of this plan at our last meeting it was interesting to note how much it had changed from its first expression, some of the changes are because we have received input from our Ministry Teams, some from increased clarity but a lot has changed because we have already begun to live out the vision and our hopes are already being born in our midst.  Neal C. summarized the process with these insightful words, “Last year we decided we were going to live, this year we are embracing what it means to live.”  And we see that vision all around us, this past Sunday by a somewhat conservative estimate at least a third of the folks present had not even stepped through our doors eighteen months ago. Our parking lot and worship was full on a Sunday in the middle of July, and the spirit was moving among us. Someone recently asked “What are you doing differently” and I replied “I don’t know” but I think perhaps we are singing our ancient song with a new voice as we embrace God’s vision with our unique eyes.  So keep singing, keep sharing and keep living into the vision that God sees for HUCC.  We have a wonderful heritage and a wonderful future unfolding before us. And daily I thank God for each one of you that make up this incredible community of God that being in 1989 and is continually being born in this place as we sing together the challenging and hopeful words of prayer to God,  “Be Thou our Vision”.  

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