Anniversary Thoughts

Last week we celebrated with joy 23 years of Hillsborough United Church of Christ.  As part of our reflection together we thought about what things we would grab if there was a fire, both tangible and the intangible. The tangible items were the stained glass, the office computer, the baptismal font, the dove banner, the created banners, the crosses and musical instruments representing the tools  we  use to worship and minister as well as our heritage and creativity.  And the intangible ones were the good feelings, friendliness, fellowship, shared ministry, creativity, progressive faith, aggressiveness, inclusiveness, excitement, love, memories, ties that bind and community, values that represent who we are as a community of faith.  One of our foremothers who was here at the beginning of our founding shared at the end of the service that the words shared expressed beautifully the hopes and dreams of the group of folks who came together to start this community of faith 23 years ago. She added it was wonderful to know that that vision still lives and is being embraced by others as the community here moves forward.  What a wonderful heritage as well as a voice for the future,  I do not know who will gather in 23 years but my prayer is that these words of inclusion, compassion, care, and passion for ministry will be the spirit inherited from us that they will use to carry them forward.

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